Business WiFi Solutions

We specialise in WiFi for business; our primary aim is providing you with a WiFi service that keeps your customers happy and your colleagues agile.

WiFi solutions for business

WiFi solutions for business

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Emily Almond

What do your customers really want from WiFi connectivity? It’s simple: they want WiFi that just works; one that’s reliable and easy-to-use. Because we are business WiFi specialists, our network has been built with busy high-footfall locations in mind so it won’t let you (or your customers) down. We use the latest technology and decades of wireless communications expertise.
We also believe your WiFi should be just that; yours. Unlike other WiFi providers, our service can be completely white label – helping you to boost your brand.

WiFi that gives you better customer insight

It’s possible to collect a wealth of customer data from a simple WiFi connection. Find out how long they spend on the premises, what kind of customer they are and (with their permission) other details, that helps you serve them better.

Some of the businesses we support: